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This page includes information about every change made to the Bold APIs. For more information about what qualifies as a breaking or non-breaking change, refer to the API Versioning page.

Bold occasionally releases changelog entries that have a Bold-API-Version-Date in the future.

When working on a production store, never use a Bold-API-Version-Date that is in the future. Doing so may cause you to inadvertently opt-in to undocumented changes. Use a future Bold-API-Version-Date in non-production or development environments only.

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All changes

Developers now have the ability to add line items to future orders as one-time or ongoing modifications, or on a customized schedule of their own.

New endpoints for managing Subscription Adjustments:

  1. Create Subscription Adjustments
  2. List Subscription Adjustments
  3. Delete Subscription Adjustments
  4. Get Subscription Adjustment by ID
  5. Delete Subscription Adjustment by ID

Additional Documentation

For more information and examples of subscription adjustments, see our Create Subscription Adjustments specification.