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2023-05-18 — Subscriptions Future Order API improvements

To support the recent introduction of our Subscription Adjustment API, several improvements have been made to the Future Order endpoints of Subscriptions.

Changes include:

Below are relevant changes to the existing List Future Orders by Subscription ID endpoint.

  • The following fields have been added to the response of all requests:
    • future_orders.*.bold_customer_id
    • future_orders.*.currency
    • future_orders.*.order_count
    • future_orders.*.adjustments
    • future_orders.*.subscription_data
    • future_orders.*.customer
    • future_orders.*.billing_address
    • future_orders.*.shipping_address
    • future_orders.*.shipping_lines
  • For prepaid subscriptions:
    • When a prepaid payment is required, the price field for line items is now the multiplied price according to the prepaid duration on the line item(s).
    • When a prepaid payment is not required, the price field for line items is now set to 0.
    • The field future_orders.*.line_items.*.prepaid_metadata.current_recurrence_count is now named recurrence_count.
  • Cursor pagination replaces the previous offset (page-based) pagination. Backwards compatibility for offset pagination has been maintained. Switching to use cursor is recommended for existing consumers.
  • The following fields have been removed from the response on cursor-based requests only:
    • pagination.current_page
    • pagination.total_pages
  • The following fields now have a null value on page-based requests:
    • pagination.total_pages