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About Bold Price Rules API

The Price Rules API is a set of endpoints that allow you to configure, edit, delete, and view price rulesets, and order conditions. The API specification is a detailed description of each endpoint, explaining what kind of payload the endpoint is expecting to receive, and what the standard format for responses is. The specification presents all the valid options that can be used with the endpoint.

Rulesets are created by configuring product selection, conditions, and actions to define complex price rules, conditional logic, and customer specific pricing. Rulesets can be created to:

  • Offer wholesale, VIP, and tiered pricing based on customer profiles and behavior.
  • Pre-configure promotions with advanced scheduling.
  • Automatically display location specific pricing based on geography to offset logistical costs in different regions.

To learn more about configuring rulesets, refer to Rulesets and Rules.

Price Rules can be integrated directly into your e-commerce storefront javascript or can push dynamic pricing across multiple channels and touchpoints with headless endpoints. Using the API you can:

  • Support a CMS-driven experience with customized pricing and promotions displayed on your front end.
  • Send real time pricing to any number of touchpoints including social channels, POS systems or in-store kiosks.
  • Integrate with existing backend systems to simplify managing pricing and promotional rules.

To learn more about integrating Price Rules across all of your channels, refer to the Storefront Setup pages in the left-hand menu.

For more technical information that may be helpful when building with Price Rules API, check out Additional Resources.