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Integrate Subscription Builder


Subscription Builder requires Bold Checkout to be installed on your store. Therefore, it is not available to merchants using Shopify. For information on build-a-box subscriptions on Shopify, refer to the Help Center.

Subscription Builder allows you to offer selections to your customers with each recurrence or make choices for them based on their preferences. Use the Subscription Builder APIs to create your own custom shopping experiences, create a customer selection page for upcoming orders, or integrate your existing systems to make intelligent selections on behalf of customers.

Configuring Subscription Builder entities

Subscription Builder uses various entities that are concepts to help you organize and manipulate subscriptions. For example, the boxes you provide and the items included within them are represented by entities. You can configure entities through the Subscription Builder Admin UI.

The Subscription Builder Admin UI is accessible from Bold Account Center once you have installed Subscription Builder.

Configuring Subscription Builder entities defines each entity and provides instructions on how to configure them in the Subscription Builder Admin UI.

Setting up initial checkout

During the initial checkout of a Subscription Builder subscription line item, a customer must make their selections from the available time slot options. To learn more about designing the checkout flow, read the Subscription Builder Initial Checkout Flow page.

Allowing customers to make selections

Once a customer has successfully checked out with a Subscription Builder box they can optionally make selections for their upcoming orders. To learn more about designing the selection flow, read the Subscription Builder Customer Selections Flow page.