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Abandoned Cart Flow with Coalition Technologies

According to the Checkout Benchmark, top-performing checkouts on desktop have a 73% completion rate, while low-performing checkouts are as low as 33%. One key strategy for improving this number is reaching out to customers that abandon their carts.

One tool that makes it easy to send abandoned cart emails is Klaviyo, which enables you to customize the content and timing of emails to send to authenticated customers after they abandon their cart.

The following screenshot shows an example of an abandoned cart email:

Screenshot of abandoned cart email

Solution Overview

The abandoned cart checkout flow, created by Coalition Technologies, utilizes Klaviyo and Bold Checkout on a BigCommerce store. The solution identifies when an authenticated customer has abandoned their cart and sends an email to the customer. If the customer decides to complete their transaction, they can click a button from within the email and be brought directly back to the checkout, with their cart pre-populated.

This solution also works for a guest customer that begins the checkout and enters their email, but doesn't complete the transaction.

Potential use cases

This solution includes the following benefits and possible use cases:

  • Make returning to checkout easy by enabling the customer to proceed straight to checkout.
  • Improve conversion by prompting the user to complete the initial transaction.

Reference architecture

Solution details

The following steps are a non-exhaustive outline of creating an abandoned cart solution on a BigCommerce store:

  1. Ensure that your BigCommerce store has SKUs associated with each product.
  2. Install Bold Checkout.
  3. Complete the steps outlined in Making API Calls.
  4. Create a self-hosted checkout flow.
  5. Set up Klaviyo on your BigCommerce store.
  6. Create an abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo.
    1. Use Klaviyo to include the abandoned cart products in the email.
    2. Include a button in the email that triggers a call to the Initialize Order endpoint and pass in the selected items as cart_items to pre-populate the cart with the customer’s selections.
    3. Redirect the customer to the checkout experience.

Get started

To get started implementing an abandoned cart checkout flow, reach out to the Coalition Technologies team.

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