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Magento 1

Bold Commerce provides a Magento 1 extension that equips merchants with a world-class checkout experience and enables them to maintain proper PCI compliance.

Adobe ended support for their Magento 1.x ecommerce platform on June 30, 2020. Since that date, Magento 1 merchants have been responsible for their own security and fraud compliance.

The Bold Checkout solution for Magento 1 enables merchants to maintain their PCI compliance while avoiding the pain and cost of re-platforming.

Getting started

To get started using Bold Checkout on your Magento 1 store, reach out to the Bold support team.

Connect a Magento 1 store with Bold Checkout provides an overview of the steps required to set up Bold Checkout.

Supported Magento 1 versions

Bold Checkout supports both the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of Magento 1. The following versions of Magento 1 are supported:

  • Version 1.9
  • Version 1.8
  • Version 1.7
  • Version 1.6
  • Version 1.5
  • Version 1.4

Supported payment gateways

The Magento 1 integration is compatible with all Bold-supported payment gateways.

::: note

Bold strongly recommends using PayPal Commerce Platform (PPCP) or Braintree as payment gateways with Adobe Commerce. The merchant is not charged Bold Checkout fees on these platforms.


Refer to the following table for our support of alternative payment methods on PPCP and Braintree (such as wallet/express pay):

Payment GatewayAlternative Payment Methods
PayPal Commerce Platform
  • ❌ Google Pay
  • ❌ Apple Pay
  • ✅ Venmo
  • ✅ Pay Later
  • ✅ Braintree Google Pay
  • ✅ Braintree Apple Pay
  • ✅ Venmo
  • ❌ Pay Later

Supported Magento 1 features

Bold Checkout supports the following Magento 1 features through either the Magento admin or the Bold Checkout admin:

FeatureFeature management location
Add store logo to checkout pageBold Checkout admin
Three page checkout flowBold Checkout admin
Store returns and refundsMagento admin
Order fulfillment and captureMagento admin
Order inventoryMagento admin
Authenticated and guest checkoutMagento admin
Tax calculations before discountsMagento admin

Supported Magento 1 extensions

Bold Checkout supports a variety of third-party extensions on Magento 1. Refer to Compatible Extensions for the full list.


If your business utilizes an extension not featured within our list of compatible extensions, please reach out to the support team.