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Adobe Commerce

Bold provides an Adobe Commerce extension that enables merchants to take advantage of the world-class Bold Checkout experience without needing to replatform.


Bold Checkout supports users of both Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento 2) and Magento Open Source.

This document outlines basic information and features of Bold Checkout on Adobe Commerce and directs you to additional resources if necessary.

Checkout options

There is a variety of ways to use Bold Checkout in combination with your Adobe Commerce store. Click a tab below to learn more about each option.


Bold supports only one Bold-hosted or partner flow at a time. You must choose only one of the following options for your checkout.

Retain the entirety of your current checkout experience, and use Bold to add additional payment options to your checkout.

The following video shows a demo of Payment Booster:

All options use Bold Checkout functionality to replace Adobe Commerce functionality during the customer checkout process. The following table provides more details about each option:

Payment BoosterBold-Hosted CheckoutSelf-Hosted CheckoutPayPal Checkout Flow
Use Bold Checkout functionalityYes, payment functionality only.Yes.Yes.Yes, for "Checkout with PayPal" experience only.
Frontend interfaceUse your existing experience, with the addition of Bold's payment interface.Bold's three page or one page checkout experience.Use Bold's three page or one page checkout experience, with any necessary customizations.Use your existing experience, with an additional "Checkout with PayPal" button that directs to a PayPal checkout experience.
Development effortLow or none — Bold cleanly adds the payment interface without changing the rest of the experience.Low or none — using the pre-built solution keeps code requirements low.Low to medium — you can customize as little or as much as you want, and you may need to troubleshoot compatibility issues.Low or none — Bold cleanly adds the "Checkout with PayPal" interface without changing the rest of the experience.
Integration supportRetain all integrations.Retain nonvisual integrations.Retain nonvisual integrations. With custom development, retain all integrations.Retain all integrations in existing experience. Retain nonvisual integrations in "Checkout with PayPal" experience.
Customization optionsMerchant retains full control of behavior of checkout interface.Lightweight customization using Checkout LiFE and CSS.Merchant retains full control of behavior of checkout interface.Merchant retains full control of behavior of checkout interface. Lightweight customization of "Checkout with PayPal" interface using Checkout LiFE and CSS.

Supported Adobe Commerce versions

Bold Checkout supports both the enterprise Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source products. The following versions are supported:

  • Version 2.3
  • Version 2.4

Supported payment gateways

The Adobe Commerce integration is compatible with all Bold-supported payment gateways.


Bold strongly recommends using PayPal Complete Payments (PPCP) or Braintree as payment gateways with Adobe Commerce. The merchant is not charged Bold Checkout fees on these platforms.

When using the PayPal Checkout Flow, you must use PPCP as your payment gateway.

Refer to the following table for our support of alternative payment methods on PPCP and Braintree (such as wallet/express pay):


Payment Booster inserts the Secure Payments Interface (SPI) into an otherwise unchanged checkout. This means that if you are using Payment Booster, Google Pay and Apple Pay are not supported.

Payment GatewayAlternative Payment Methods and LocationsSetup Instructions
PayPal Complete Payments
  • ❌ Google Pay (beginning of checkout)
  • ✅ Apple Pay (beginning of checkout)
  • ❌ Venmo (in payment section)
  • ✅ Pay Later (in payment section)
  • ✅ PayPal Wallet (in payment section)
See Help Center
  • ✅ Braintree Google Pay (beginning of checkout)
  • ✅ Braintree Apple Pay (beginning of checkout)
  • ❌ Venmo (in payment section)
  • ❌ Pay Later (in payment section)
  • ✅ PayPal Wallet (in payment section)
See Help Center

Supported Adobe Commerce features

Bold Checkout supports the following features through either the Adobe Commerce admin or the Bold Checkout admin:

FeatureFeature management location
Add store logo to checkout pageBold Checkout admin
Three or one page checkout flowBold Checkout admin
Multi-language supportBold Checkout admin
Guest and authenticated checkoutBold Checkout admin
Gift cardsAdobe Commerce admin
Adobe Commerce shipping, taxes, and inventory functionalityAdobe Commerce admin
Address and discount validationAdobe Commerce admin
Custom domainAdobe Commerce admin
Returns and refundsAdobe Commerce admin
Fulfillments and capturesAdobe Commerce admin

Getting started

For installation instructions, refer to Install Bold Checkout on Adobe Commerce.