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Sales Tax Automation with TaxJar

Bold Checkout merchants on Adobe Commerce can use third-party sales tax automation integrations with no additional configuration. By installing the Bold Checkout Extension and a sales tax automation extension, such as TaxJar, a store can use Bold Checkout without sacrificing their sales tax customizations.

The following diagram shows how Bold Checkout and TaxJar interact:

Potential use cases

TaxJar provides a robust tax experience. Use cases for TaxJar include:

  • Rates based on state, county, city, and even district
  • Automate filing & remittance
  • Access comprehensive sales tax reports


Use the following instructions to set up Bold Checkout with TaxJar:

  1. Identify which Bold Checkout configuration you want, and follow the appropriate installation instructions.
  2. Create a TaxJar account.
  3. Add the TaxJar extension from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.
  4. Install the TaxJar extension on your store.
  5. Bold Checkout pulls in your TaxJar settings automatically, with no additional setup required.

Need help?

If you have any questions while using this solution, reach out to the Customer Success team.

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