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Pre-Purchase Upsell Flow with Coalition Technologies

Ecommerce stores must be creative when finding ways to increase the average order value. One of these ways is to create a pre-purchase upsell: an opportunity for the customer to add an additional item to their order from inside the checkout, without the need to leave the page.

The following screenshot shows a pre-purchase upsell within the checkout experience:

Screenshot of upsell in checkout

Solution Overview

The pre-purchase upsell checkout flow, created by Coalition Technologies, enables merchants to show a selection of products within the checkout page. This could be a static selection or a dynamic selection that is tailored to the customer’s existing cart. This solution was created for BigCommerce stores.

Potential use cases

Adding a pre-purchase upsell to your frontend experience enables the following benefits and possible use cases:

  • Increase average order value.
  • Promote popular products.
  • Create a tailored experience in which the upsell recommendations are customized to the customer’s existing cart.

Reference architecture

Solution details

The following steps are a non-exhaustive outline of creating a pre-purchase upsell on a BigCommerce store:

  1. Install Bold Checkout.
  2. Complete the steps outlined in Making API Calls.
  3. Create a self-hosted checkout flow.
  4. Install Advanced Metafields with Coalition Technologies on your store.
    1. Use this integration to add products to the channel metafields for each of your BigCommerce orders. Add the products that you want to show to your customers in the pre-purchase upsell.

      Alternatively, you can connect a dynamic product recommendations engine to provide tailored recommendations to each customer.

  5. Create a Bold Checkout plugin that connects the channel metadata to the metadata of the Bold Checkout orders.
  6. Edit the frontend interface of your self-hosted checkout flow to include a widget that displays the products that you added to the channel metafields.

Get started

To get started implementing a pre-purchase upsell checkout flow, reach out to the Coalition Technologies team.

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