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Open Source Reference Projects

Bold provides a series of publicly available, open source reference projects to assist developers in getting started. These projects range from small plugin examples to comprehensive checkout frontend templates.

The following table includes key open source projects and where to find more information about each:

ProjectApplicable Bold ProductDescription
Checkout Experience TemplatesBold CheckoutSeveral examples of standard Bold Checkout user interfaces (one page, three page, etc.). Use these templates to quickly and easily Create a Self-Hosted Checkout Flow.
Checkout Experience BackendBold CheckoutAn example of the server-side code required to serve a self-hosted checkout flow. Refer to Create a Self-Hosted Checkout Flow for more information.
Checkout Frontend LibraryBold CheckoutA JavaScript library that creates a structure for calling the Bold Checkout Frontend APIs.
Checkout Express Pay LibraryBold CheckoutA JavaScript library that adds support for Google Pay, Apple Pay, Link (from Stripe) and PayPal Express. Refer to Create a Self-Hosted Checkout Flow for more information.
Adobe Commerce Bold Checkout IntegrationBold CheckoutThe code required to install Bold Checkout on an Adobe Commerce store. Refer to the Help Center for installation instructions.
Checkout Example PluginBold CheckoutAn example of some basic Bold Checkout plugin functionality. For more information, refer to Getting Started with Plugins.
Create Subscription ExampleBold SubscriptionsAn example that demonstrates how to Create Subscriptions with the Bold Subscriptions API on BigCommerce.
Subscriptions Customer PortalBold SubscriptionsAn example for developers creating a customer portal from scratch for integration with Bold Subscriptions.

Bold does not currently accept external contributors to open source projects.