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PayPal Checkout Flow

The PayPal Checkout Flow uses Bold Checkout to add PayPal checkout options for your Adobe Commerce store. Using the built-in Adobe Commerce checkout and PayPal Checkout Flow together allows merchants to choose which payment processor an order should go to. Customers also have the option of checking out with their payment information or their PayPal account.

Screenshot of an example store with a PayPal and built-in checkout buttons.

Potential use cases

The PayPal Checkout Flow enables you to improve the checkout experience in several different ways:

  • Utilize the PayPal Complete Payments platform.
  • Integrate PayPal Smart Payment Buttons (PayPal, Pay Later, credit and debit).
  • Enable Apple Pay.
  • Add a "Buy now with PayPal" button to product pages.


To get started, follow the instructions in the Install the PayPal Checkout Flow guide.

Need help?

If you have any questions while using this solution, reach out to the Customer Success team.

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