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Product Selection

The product selection defines which items the ruleset applies to. Think of product selection as a search that ranges over your product catalog. The ruleset applies to the results.

To see where product selection is incorporated into a ruleset, refer to Rulesets and Rules.

The product_selection property of a ruleset is a required string enumeration that takes one of the following values:

PRODUCTS_ALLThe ruleset applies to all products associated with the shop_identifier supplied in the URI of the request.
PRODUCTS_SEARCHThe ruleset applies only to products that satisfy a specified product search filter.

Product search filters

A product search filter specifies a property of a product item and an array of values. A ruleset applies only to those product items that satisfy the search filter. A product item satisfies the filter when the value of the specified filter property for that item matches a value in the filter's array.


Each ruleset can include a maximum of one product search filter.

Price Rules supports the following filter properties:

collection_idsA list of product collection identifiers.
variant_idsA list of product variant identifiers.
product_idsA list of product identifiers.
vendorsA list of vendor names.
titlesA list of specific product titles. Titles must be an exact match.
sku_idsA list of alphanumeric stock keeping units (SKUs).
product_typesA list of product-types.