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External Payment Gateway Connector for Klarna

Bold provides the External Payment Gateway (EPG) framework as a mechanism to connect Bold Checkout to any payment service, such as Klarna.

Each merchant, especially those using composable ecommerce architectures, has a unique technology stack of services and tools, such as payment gateways. While Bold supports a comprehensive list of pre-built payment gateway providers, the EPG framework enables a merchant to connect Bold Checkout to previously unsupported providers.

This blueprint covers how a merchant could use the External Payment Gateway framework to incorporate a third-party BNPL (buy-now, pay-later) provider like Klarna into their checkout experience.

The following screenshot shows the Klarna payment option added to the checkout experience:

Screenshot of Klarna

Solution Overview

The External Payment Gateway Connector for Klarna, created by Orium, enables merchants to take advantage of Klarna’s popular “buy now, pay later” functionality. Customers can complete a purchase, receive their product, and pay using flexible payment options. Merchants benefit from easy checkout for existing Klarna users and increased checkout success metrics, such as conversion and average order value.

Potential use cases

The External Payment Gateway Connector for Klarna enables the following benefits and possible use cases:

  • Provide customers with flexible payment options.
  • Increase conversion and AOV.
  • Unlock potential new customers who are existing Klarna users.

Reference architecture

Solution details

The following steps are a non-exhaustive outline of creating an External Payment Gateway Connector for Klarna:

  1. Install Bold Checkout on your chosen platform, following the instructions outlined in the Checkout Getting Started guide.
  2. Set up self-hosted checkout.
  3. Create an External Payment Gateway Connector.
  4. Integrate Klarna Payments into your External Payment Gateway connector.

Get started

To get started implementing Klarna on your store using the External Payment Gateway mechanism, reach out to the Orium team.

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