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Set up a Magento 1 Development Store

OpenMage is an open source and community-driven fork of Magento 1. It is a good option for merchants or agencies that want to test their Bold Checkout integration.

There are a number of tools that enable you to set up an OpenMage development store locally. These instructions use the DDEV tool.


Bold does not formally recommend or endorse this tool. It is simply presented as one option for a local development store.


  1. Set up Colima or Docker Desktop.
  2. Install DDEV.
  3. Download the latest version of OpenMage.
    1. Visit the OpenMage repository. Click the Code button, then Download ZIP.
  4. Create a new directory. For example, use the following command for macOS:
    mkdir ~/workspace/OpenMage
  5. Extract the OpenMage zip to your new directory.
  6. Navigate into the project directory and run ddev config to initialize a DDEV project:
    ddev config
    1. Accept the defaults.
  7. (Optional) Download Magento 1 sample data.
    1. Visit the Compressed Magento 1.9 Sample Data repository. Click the Code button, then Download ZIP.
    2. Navigate to the downloaded file, and uncompress it.
    3. Import the example database using the following command:
      ddev import-db --file=magento_sample_data_for_1.9.2.4.sql
  8. Run ddev start to spin up the project:
    ddev start
  9. Run ddev launch to open your project in a browser:
    ddev launch
  10. Follow the URL to the base site.

Next Steps

Follow the instructions in Bold-Hosted: Connect a Magento 1 store to set up Bold Checkout on your Magento 1 development store.