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Bold Checkout supports the Magento 1 platform. However, the interactions between the platform and Bold Checkout require several components to function correctly. Refer to the following diagram and details for more information about how they work together:

  1. Bold Checkout provides an optimized and secure checkout experience that replaces a platform's native checkout.
    1. Install Bold Checkout in Bold Account Center.
  2. The Platform Connector for Magento 1 enables Bold Checkout to stay in sync with the platform by providing data mapping and translation.
    1. Install the Platform Connector in Bold Account Center.
  3. The Bold Checkout Extension exposes the Magento 1 interface, which Bold uses to communicate with Magento 1.
    1. Contact Bold for the extension files, and configure the extension in the Magento 1 admin.
  4. Magento 1 provides traditional platform capabilities, such as management of orders, customers, and inventory.