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Verify the Platform Connector

Once you have created a server and implemented Platform Event Notifications, there are several ways you can make sure that Bold and your platform have the same data and are functioning as expected.


Before you get started, complete the instructions in the following guides:

Trigger platform connector syncs

You can manually sync your platform's customers, orders, and products with Bold. To do so, call each of the following endpoints:

Next, you can call Bold endpoints to verify that Bold has the same customer and product data from your platform. For example:

You can also use the Bold Checkout admin to verify that all orders from the platform synced with Bold.

Verify Platform Event Notifications

You can also trigger your Platform Event Notifications to update Bold with new data and check whether that data was added to Bold's database.

Create a new entity

First, create a new entity within your platform that Bold does not know about. For example, you can create a new product through your platform's user interface, if applicable.

If configured properly, this action causes your platform connector to trigger the Product Saved event notification, which Bold subscribes to. Bold responds with the success message to indicate the notification was received and processed.

Verify product creation

To verify that your new entity was created within the Bold database, make a call to one of the standard Bold API endpoints. For example, to confirm that Bold created your new product, call the List Products endpoint.