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Getting Started

Before you begin implementing your Platform Connector, you must complete a few steps to get set up.

Create an account in Bold Account Center

To create an account and connect your store in Bold Account Center, complete the following steps.

  1. On the Bold Account Center login page, click Create account.
  2. Complete the Name, Organization, Email, and Password fields. In this case, Organization usually refers to your company's name. This value is used to identify the stores associated with your account. Create an Account Screenshot
  3. Click Next. You are redirected to a new screen where you can add your first store. Add Custom Store Screenshot
    1. From the Platform drop-down menu, select the Custom option.
    2. Enter your Store URL and use the Currency drop-down to select the currency you want your store to use.
    3. Click Add store.
  4. In the pop-up dialog, you can invite new users to your organization or go to Launchpad, where you can manage your store. Invite Users Screenshot

Create an API access token

Once your store appears in the Bold Account Center, you can log in and create your API credentials. Complete the steps in the Quick Start to create and retrieve both your API access token and shared secret.

When prompted to select access scopes for the API access token, select the following:

CoreProductsRead & Write
CoreCustomersRead & Write
CoreOrdersRead & Write
CoreConnector DestinationsRead & Write

Next steps