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Payment Processing with Stripe

Bold Checkout supports the use of Stripe Payments as a payment gateway.

When Stripe is configured properly as a payment gateway, the standard payment options appear in the Payment method area of the checkout, as shown in the following screenshot. Express and wallet pay options are shown at the beginning of the checkout.

Screenshot of Payment Method section with Stripe enabled

Potential use cases

Use cases for Stripe as your payment gateway include:

  • Accept credit card or wallet-pay options, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Enable customers to use Link by Stripe to autofill their payment information.
  • Maintain compliance with the SCA directive by enabling 3D Secure (required for European Union merchants).


You can connect your Stripe account to your store using the Bold Checkout admin. To learn how to set up Stripe, visit the Help Center page corresponding with your platform:

Need help?

If you have any questions while using this solution, reach out to the support team.

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