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Upgrade Bold Checkout

This guide includes information about the module versioning strategy and instructions on how to upgrade your Bold Checkout modules on an Adobe Commerce store.

Versioning and support

Bold uses a semantic versioning model for Adobe Commerce modules:

  • Bold supports each major and minor release for a minimum of three months from the release date of that module.
  • The official end-of-support date for each version is announced when the following version is released. You will receive an email if support for your current version will be ended.
  • Bold strongly recommends using the latest version of each module. Refer to the Release notes section.

This strategy applies only to Adobe Commerce modules. Refer to the API Versioning page for information about how Bold versions APIs.

Release notes

You can find release notes for Bold's Adobe Commerce modules on GitHub:

Upgrade your modules

Use the following instructions to update Bold Checkout on your store. Based on your Bold Checkout configuration, the instructions differ slightly.

  1. Open your terminal and navigate to your project directory.
  2. Run the following Composer command to update to the latest version of Bold Platform and Bold Checkout.
    composer update bold-commerce/module-checkout