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Cart Parameters

Cart parameters are metadata, defined in key and value pairs, that can be appended to a Bold Checkout order.

The Checkout Frontend API allows you to add various types of information to a given Checkout order, including data about the customer, shipping and billing addresses, line items, and other information. If there is additional information about the order that you can't add via the Checkout Frontend endpoints, you can include this information in the cart parameters.

Pass cart parameters to Bold Checkout through the Append Order Metadata endpoint. When you call this endpoint, Bold stores the cart_parameter object as part of the order application_state.

The content of the cart_parameter object is not required, defined, or used by Bold Checkout. If your implementation makes use of cart parameters, you must also define what each of the key and value pairs means using your own business logic.

For example, Bold Subscriptions uses cart parameters to indicate whether or not an order is recurring and therefore a subscriptions order. For more information about this implementation of cart parameters, refer to Building Custom Widgets.


Cart parameters are not exposed in the Bold Checkout Admin or in your platform unless you take action to expose them.

For example, you might use cart parameters to mark an order as a gift. Your integration could check the cart parameters for a "gift" tag and apply the appropriate settings in the platform.