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Connect a Magento 1 store with Bold Checkout

This page is for Magento 1 merchants who want to use Bold Checkout on their store.


When prompted to Contact Bold with a request or certain information, reach out to the Bold Account Manager that was assigned to your store.

The following video demonstrates the Magento 1 admin portion of the setup process:


Before you connect your Magento 1 store with Bold Checkout, ensure you have the following:

  • A Magento account.
  • A payment gateway associated with the store.
  • An SFTP client with a connection to your store's Magento 1 server.

Create an account in Bold Account Center

To create an account and connect your store in Bold Account Center, complete the following steps.

  1. On the Bold Account Center login page, click Create account.
  2. Complete the Name, Organization, Email, and Password fields. In this case, Organization usually refers to your company's name. This value is used to identify the stores associated with your account. Create an Account Screenshot
  3. Click Next. You are redirected to a new screen where you can add your first store. Add Custom Store Screenshot
    1. From the Platform drop-down menu, select the Custom option.
    2. Enter your Store URL and use the Currency drop-down to select the currency you want your store to use.
    3. Click Add store.
  4. In the pop-up dialog, you can invite new users to your organization or go to Launchpad, where you can manage your store. Invite Users Screenshot

Create an API access token

Now that you have logged in to the Bold Account Center and created a store, you can set up an API access token using the following steps:

  1. From the Bold Account Center Launchpad, expand the left-hand menu and click API access tokens.

  2. Click Create API access token.

  3. Enter the API access token name, and select the scopes you need. The following screenshot shows the required scopes for a Magento 1 store:

    Magento 1 access token scopes

  4. Click Create. A dialog box appears and provides a shared secret and API access token. Be sure to save both in a secure location, as they will disappear when you close the dialog.

  5. Click Done when you are finished.

Add the Bold Checkout Integration to the Magento 1 store

The Bold team has created a custom Platform Connector, which enables your store to use Bold Checkout while still on Magento 1. Reach out to Bold to request access to the Bold Checkout Integration files.

Once you have the set of files, you can manually add them to your Magento 1 store as an extension. The following steps outline the process of doing so:


A video walkthrough of these steps is also available at the top of the page.

  1. Unzip the files if necessary. Copy the extracted files to the app/code/community location in your store's directory. This upload automatically creates a new directory at app/code/community/Bold/Checkout.

  2. Navigate to your store's Magento 1 Admin Panel.

  3. Clear the cache.

    1. Navigate to System >> Cache Management. A screenshot of the Cache Storage Management page in the Magento Admin Panel
    2. Click the Flush Magento Cache button.
    3. Click the Flush Cache Storage button. A pop-up appears, asking for confirmation. Click OK.
  4. Navigate to System >> Configuration, and click Checkout in the Sales section of the left-hand menu. If the files were added properly, you will see a Bold Checkout Integration drop-down at the bottom of the list of extensions.

  5. Expand the Bold Checkout Integration drop-down.

    1. Populate the API Token and Secret Key fields using the API access token and shared secret that you retrieved from the Bold Account Center.
  6. Click the Save Config button at the top-right corner of the page.

Install and configure Bold Checkout

Open Bold Account Center, and navigate to the Launchpad. Install Bold Checkout on your store, and open the application.

Use the following steps to set up Bold Checkout:

  1. Click Account >> Stored Credit Card. Note that you must use a real credit card, even when using a payment gateway in development mode.
  2. Click Payment options >> Payment gateways, and connect a payment gateway. Screenshot of Payment gateways page
    1. You can connect a gateway in either production or development mode. Bold recommends first connecting a payment gateway in development mode so that you can ensure everything is set up correctly.
  3. Click Shipping >> Warehouse settings, and create a warehouse zone. This can be sample data and does not have to reflect an actual warehouse zone. Screenshot of Warehouse settings page
  4. Click Shipping >> Shipping zones, and create a shipping zone. This can be sample data and does not have to reflect an actual shipping zone. Screenshot of Shipping zones page
  5. Click Payment options >> Tax settings, and create a tax zone. This can be sample data and does not have to reflect an actual tax zone. Screenshot of Tax Settings page
  6. Click Settings >> General settings, and toggle the Use Public Order ID setting on. Screenshot of the Public Order ID setting

Send request to add API key to Bold Checkout database

Contact Bold with a request to add your API access token to the Bold Checkout database. Include the store URL and API access token value in your request.

Set up the 3-page headless checkout template

The Magento 1 and Bold Checkout integration utilizes an updated three-page checkout experience that is not automatically available in Bold Checkout.

Contact Bold with a request to use the updated three-page checkout experience. In your request, include your store URL.

When your request is approved, your store will automatically be switched over. Verify that your checkout was updated by navigating to Settings >> General settings and scrolling down to the Appearance section. The Three-page experience should be automatically selected, as shown in the following screenshot:

Screenshot of Bold Checkout appearance section

Enable and customize the Bold Checkout Integration


A video walkthrough of these steps is also available at the top of the page.

  1. In your Magento 1 store Admin Panel, expand the Bold Checkout Integration drop-down.

    1. Select Yes from the Enable Bold Checkout drop-down.

      Screenshot of checkout configuration drop-down in Magento Admin Panel

  2. Expand the Bold Checkout Integration Advanced Settings drop-down.

    1. Edit any settings in this section if necessary.

      Note: The Enable Bold Checkout must be set to Yes in the previous step before changing the Enabled For field.

      Screenshot of advanced checkout configuration drop-down in Magento Admin Panel

  3. Click the Save Config button at the top-right corner of the page.

Place test order

Now you can place an order to ensure that everything has been set up correctly. After ensuring that your store is in developer mode, navigate to the storefront and complete a checkout using the associated gateway's test card.

  1. Open the Bold Checkout admin page.
  2. Navigate to the Payment Options >> Payment Gateways page. Turn "developer mode" ON.
  3. Navigate to your Magento 1 storefront.
  4. Select an item and proceed to checkout.
  5. Use your payment gateway's associated test credit card to complete the order.
  6. Once your order successfully completes, return to the Payment Gateways page in the Bold Checkout admin and turn "developer mode" OFF.

OPTIONAL: Once developer mode is OFF, you can also test your Magento 1 store configuration with real payment data.