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Quick Start

Bold APIs allow you to customize the transaction experience from beginning to end. If you're creating a private integration (which will be installed on a single store and won't be available to the public), use these steps to make your first request to a Bold API and get things up and running quickly.


Public integrations (which use OAuth to build integrations that will be installed on multiple stores) are covered in the Building Public Integrations guide.

In this document, you will complete these steps:


Before beginning these steps, ensure you have installed one or more Bold apps on your platform of choice. Detailed installation guides for integrations on Shopify and BigCommerce can be found on the Bold Help Center.

If you are using another platform, contact us for help with your integration.

Create an account

The Bold Account Center allows Bold to give you an API access token and enables you to develop using Bold APIs.

To create an account and connect your store in Bold Account Center, complete the following steps.

  1. On the Bold Account Center login page, click Create account. Create an Account Screenshot
  2. Complete the Name, Organization, Email, and Password fields. Click Next.

    In this case, Organization usually refers to your company's name. This value is used to identify the stores associated with your account.

  3. Bold sends you an email to verify your email address. Verify email screen screenshot
    1. Find the message in your inbox and click Verify email. You will be directed back to Bold Account Center.
  4. Enroll in multi-factor authentication.

    Bold requires you to enroll in multi-factor authentication in order to access the Bold Account Center. You can use an authenticator that either scans a QR code or that requires manually entering a code.

    MFA registration screenshot
    1. If you do not have one already, download an authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 1Password, Authy, Duo, or others).
    2. In your authenticator app, scan the QR code or manually enter the authentication secret code. Save the authenticator entry.
    3. In your browser, click Continue.
    4. Enter the six-digit code from your authenticator app, and click Continue. Authenticate your account screenshot
  5. Add your first store. Add Store Screenshot

    If your store is already registered in the Bold Account Center, reach out to the administrator of that store and request an invitation. You will receive an email with instructions for joining the store.

    1. Select your platform from the Platform drop-down menu.
    2. Enter your Store URL in the input box.
    3. Use the Currency drop-down to select the currency you want your store to use.
    4. Click Add store.
  6. A message appears to confirm you've successfully added your first store. You can now go to the Account Center Launchpad, or invite users to manage your store. For more information, refer to Invite or Deactivate a user in Account Center. Invite Users Screenshot

For help with Bold Account Center, refer to the Help Center.

Generate an API access token

Now that you have logged in to the Bold Account Center, you can set up an API access token to access Bold APIs.

To request a unique API access token, use the following steps:

  1. In the Bold Account Center, select API access tokens from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Create API access token.
  3. Enter the API access token name and select the scopes you need. Find more information about the access scopes in the Access Scopes reference. API Access Token Scope screenshot
  4. Select Create. A dialog box will provide you with a shared secret and API access token. Be sure to save both in a secure location, as they will disappear when you close the dialog.
  5. Click Done when you are finished.

Make your first request

Each Bold API request accesses and has a few common parameters. For a breakdown of these parameters, take the following example:

curl --request GET '{api}/{version}/shops/{shop_identifier}/resource' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {api_token}' \
--header 'Bold-API-Version-Date: 2022-05-01'

Request Parts

apiURL parameterYesThe API you are accessing. Full list of Bold APIs.
versionURL parameterSometimesOnly required for versioned APIs. More about API versioning.
shop_identifierURL parameterYesShop GUID retrieved from making a request to the Get Shop Info endpoint.
AuthorizationHeaderSometimesOnly required for authenticated APIs. {api_token} should be replaced with your unique API access token.

You can make most API calls using this format. To test it out, copy and paste the following commands into your command line interface.


Don't forget to replace {api_token} with your unique token.

Get your shop identifier

Use the Get Shop Info endpoint to get your shop_identifier and other basic shop info.

curl --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {api_token}' \
--header 'Bold-API-Version-Date: 2022-05-01'

If everything is working as expected, you will receive a JSON response containing the details of your store. Make a note of the shop_identifier for the next call.

Confirm your products are synced to Bold

Using the List Products endpoint, check that your products are synced to Bold.

curl --request GET '{shop_identifier}/products' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {api_token}' \
--header 'Bold-API-Version-Date: 2022-05-01'

If everything is working as expected, you will receive a JSON response with the details of the products in your store, if there are any.

If either of these steps fails, reach out to the Bold Commerce Partners Team.

Keep building

You now have everything you need to start customizing your private integration. Here are some ideas for where to go next: