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Welcome to the Bold Developer Documentation. These docs include everything you need to know to get started building with Bold.


The best way to get started with our docs is with the Quick Start and other documentation in the Getting Started section.


Design a powerful, high converting checkout solution that meets your unique business needs.


Create and configure any subscription offering imaginable, from anywhere, using our powerful APIs.

Price Rules

Tap into our robust price rules through APIs and serve up pricing and promotions to any sales channel.

Who can use Bold APIs?

Intended for partners and developers, the Bold APIs help tailor the customer experience to meet any unique needs or requirements. Our powerful APIs and webhooks allow you to generate custom onboarding, unique rulesets, and seamless checkout flows. The API specifications include details about each endpoint, with easy-to-use tools and examples.

Using the docs

The Guides section of the Developer Documentation has conceptual information about key features, getting started tutorials, and how-to guides. If you need a refresher on an API and its fundamental concepts, start with the overview and concepts sections. If you want to know how to use a series of API endpoints to accomplish a specific task, check out the how-to guides.

For detailed information on each endpoint, take a look at the API Specifications.

How do I get started?

There are two types of Bold API integrations: public and private.

Public integrations are listed in the Bold Account Center Integration Marketplace, where they can be added by any merchant. Partners building public integrations use their account in the Developer Dashboard to generate API access tokens using the OAuth2 flow.

A public integration is recommended when partners want to build something with general functionality which can be quickly added to any existing Bold merchant's store. Use the Building Public Integrations guide to get started building a public integration.

Private integrations are the quickest way to get started with Bold APIs, as they use a merchant-created API key to interact with Bold. Private integrations are not listed in the Integration marketplace, and they only need an API access token obtained through the Bold Account Center. Partners install private integrations onto each merchant's store manually using that store's API access token. Use the Quick Start to begin building a private integration.